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What are the barriers to working efficiently on public sector construction projects?

Posted by Admin 
What are the barriers to working efficiently on public sector construction projects?
September 20, 2010 05:18PM
What are the barriers to working efficiently on public sector construction projects?

The Strategic Forum for Construction met last week under the new chairmanship of Peter Wooliscroft. Peter is very aware of the workload issues facing the industry and wishes to inject both urgency and more relevance into the work of the Strategic Forum. He has selected two key topics for the coming year: Procurement and Low Carbon, both of which the Construction Alliance believes are key issues.

At the meeting Paul Morrell, the Government’s chief construction advisor, outlined the challenges that he faces in shaping government to achieve best value from a reducing construction budget. He challenged the Forum to tell him how to improve both the regulatory and process environment within government so that our industry can provide a more efficient service. The Construction Alliance and the other members of the Forum have therefore been asked to respond to the following question:

Please list any barriers that stop you working efficiently when working on public sector construction work that government could easily influence.

This is an important discussion and one which can influence government policy.

We would like to hear your views and ideas on this issue via this Discussion Board. Your feedback will help the Construction Alliance represent its members at the Strategic Forum more effectively and continue its work to improve our industry.

With thanks,

Mark Wakeford
Encourage Clients to accept one Health, Safety and Environmental accreditation.
We currently have to satisfy the following:


Requested by:

Local Authorities
Health Authorities
Leeds University

18 page Questionnaire with reams of supporting evidence.
£160 Assessment, £60 for Certificate (£60 for assessment of further information requested

Achilles Utilities Vender DataBase /
Verify Safety/Environment/Quality Assessment

Requested by:

National Grid
Severn Trent Water
British Waterways
British Gas
Other Utilities

43 page questionnaire completed by paying for HO & Site visits to audit our systems, HO is bi annually and Site is annually.
£800 for inclusion on the UDVB and £1500 for the site assessment (2009 £1680 for 2 visits)


Requested by:

British Telecom

15 page Questionnaire with reams supporting evidence.
Fee of £480 - no further cost for reassessing additional information requested.
PQQ's and quality submissions have become too mechanistic. They focus too much on technical ability.
We hire people on technical ability and then fire them when we discover that their attitude is not right. Public Sector clients stop using frameworks after they have sat in meetings with contractors who's attitude is not right. Contractors become disillusioned with frameworks when they cannot connect with the clients purpose.

If the industry is to succeed it needs to deliver projects in ways that are aligned to the clients vision, and business objectives. Clients need a clear vision and must pass this on to the team, tell them why the project is important. When people know why something is important they give that extra bit of themselves. Projects should not go ahead if they do not have a clear business case that has been well defined and communicated.

Lack of clarity of vision and a mechanistic approach are the biggest barriers.
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